How To Play Blues Guitar Using Pedal Tone Technique

Welcome back! Today I wanna share some awesome blues guitar tabs for beginners. Even though Blues is a relatively modern genre, it can totally be influenced by techniques from classical music. A pedal tone for instance, is one of the most used techniques by guitar players. We often hold on to one note while generating movement with another higher pitched string and yes, this is a technique that we have borrowed from classical music. Now, we can totally expand it by not only playing solos but by incorporating chords as well. For example, we could play the 6th open string and let it ring as we change chords like this: blues-guitar-tabs-for-beginners_1.png Pretty cool right? You can totally replace an E7 for this and it will sound awesome. Since we are replacing an E7, you can jam using the E Minor Pentatonic or the E Mixolydian scale and it sounds great. And you can bring this technique to replace any chord you want, as long as there is an open string to play the root. For example we could do the same thing with an A7: blues-guitar-tabs-for-beginners_2.png What I am basically doing here is playing an A chord first and then I keep the open 5th string and play a D chord and an A5. But you could experiment and at random chords or anything youwant. You could even bring it into a 12bar blues situation like this: blues-guitar-tabs-for-beginners_3.png Though of course as you can see you are gonna have to improvise when you get chords like a B7 which you don’t really have a lower open note. I mean I am not aiming this lesson to advanced players, but maybe in the near future when you develop this technique better, you can totally use nonopen notes and play Pedal Tone progressions anywhere with any chord; I can. Finally, regarding the tone, I think the best tone for this type of stuff is a slightly distorted sound;basically a clean tone with the volume gain knob all the way up, getting a great tube distortion. This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our entire database of videos.

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