Great Way to Start a Slow Blues Guitar Solo


Here’s a sweet, classic blues lick technique – just one of hundreds of tricks that
Sol shares with you in “Blues Master Class”… Check it out! 🙂

That’s a great way to start a slow blues solo.

We’re actually adding something a little extra in here.
And this isn’t pentatonic; this is pretty much the first
thing we’re doing that isn’t pentatonic.

We’re adding-in a major 3rd, which means hammering from
the 8th fret onto the 9th fret. It helps to keep all
these top three strings fretted so they play out.

That gives you a major chord. If it was down here it
would be an open E. It’s a barred C, barre chord major.

So you’re going…

That’s just the part of it we’re doing.

Let’s try this lick. If you leave the 7 underneath it,
which requires barring all four strings from top to
bottom E, B, G, D, you get that hammer-on with
the 2nd finger, it sounds pretty good.


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