Some Great Guitar Tips To Become A Better Blues Player

Welcome back! Today I wanna show you some great blues guitar tips that will make you a better blues player. Oftentimes we, as guitar players, tend to play a lot of power chords. Power Chords sound great but they can get old really fast. I wanna show you a way to easily enhance your boring power chord progressions. Let’s start by learning a very simple groove in A and played over a 12/8 time signature which is very common in Blues: blues-guitar-tips_1.png Now this sounds all right, it could be useful in many situations sure, but the truth is that it is a bit boring and it lacks a unique element. Well this is where the pentatonic scale comes in. We are going to combine this groove I just showed you with the pentatonic scale. Before doing it, let’s take a look at the A Minor Pentatonic Scale: blues-guitar-tips_2.png If you have a bass player supporting you in your band, which you most likely do, then you can go a bit more wild with the arranging. You could for instance replace almost every chord hit except the 2 first ones and then combine them with a pentatonic lick, like this: blues-guitar-tips_3.png You could repeat this same thing but this time changing the 2nd bar of the lick only. You could use the same pentatonic position or any other you feel like. Something like this: blues-guitar-tips_4.png And these are just 2 examples but you could expand this concept with any scale or any chord. You could replace the pentatonic scale with a Dorian or Mixolydian scale and it would work perfectly. You could also incorporate more chords in between if you feel like it’s lacking a bit of harmony. It’s all up to you. This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our database of videos here:

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