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Guitar Control presents a Killer Tapping Licks In The Style Of EVH – Lead Guitar Lesson w/ Robert Baker. With step-by-step video instruction and the included free tabs (just click the link), you will be rockin’ these licks in record time.

Killer Tapping Licks In The Style Of EVH


Welcome to, my name is Robert and today we’re gonna be talking about some basic tapping licks in the style of Eddie Van Halen; the master of it all and other than that if you want tabs those are down below in the description and let’s go ahead and get tapping.

EVH Style Tapping

Okay so here’s what we’re gonna be working on today. We’re gonna be going through these Killer Tapping Licks In The Style Of EVH… I’m sorry; I’m kind of holding my hand a lil bit awkward, I want to make sure you can see both fingers. So what is happening exactly here, well if you’re not familiar with tapping; basically tapping is a two-handed technique where you are physically doing hammer-ons with your right hand as well as with your left hand. So the lick itself is very similar, I’m just tapping with my middle finger on my right hand, you can also use your index finger like Eddie if you want to. I tap my 12th fret and I pull-off to an open high E string now with my left hand I hammer-on to 5; so it’s kind like a hammer-on from nowhere because there’s nothing really helping our left hand get into this. So now the trick is you have to come back and tap the 12th fret again then you have to release your left hand and pull-off to an open and hammer-on back onto the 5th fret. So it requires a lot of synchronization, but once you get it it’s a great technique and it just sounds very musical… Now it’s important to note a couple of things that are happening because we’re gonna be moving across the strings here soon. My right hand, see how I’m actually grabbing the guitar neck? I do this because I’m actually muting all the strings above the string that I’m not playing. So if I was to play the strings now they are all muted right now other than just that high E string and then as I continue up the strings you’ll notice I’m kind of laying my left hand fingers across the strings to mute all the strings below the one that I’m playing. This is gonna save a lot of ringing out; you also see some people use like hair ties for this on their guitar or like fret wraps, but with open strings it really doesn’t work though. So you have to have some muting chops kind of worked into your playing. So we’ll do the first one again now you’re gonna do is move up a string, you just go to the B string, everything stays exactly the same, that’s what’s so great about this one… So when I land on that string I’m muting those other strings; so then we move up to the D, up again to the A… you can move these Killer Tapping Licks In The Style Of EVH all over the place.


I hope you guys enjoyed Killer Tapping Licks In The Style Of EVH. Eddie is a personal favorite of mine and he’s actually why I play guitar. So if you are unfamiliar with some of his work by any chance or just not used to his style, it’s a great style, I think he’s one of the most unique guitar players in the world and other than that make sure you get the tabs and I will see you next time. Thanks for watching Killer Tapping Licks In The Style Of EVH.

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