How to Play Bebop Jazz Guitar Lick in Charlie Parker Style

Hey, how’s it going this is Claud Johnson with Guitar Control, today’s lick is from a Jazz tune called “Anthropology” by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, two of the greatest Jazz improvisers by Horn Players. This song has just a lot of really crazy BEBOP licks that kind of go in the key out of the scale back and forth.

Bebop Guitar Lick in the Style of Charlie Parker - Jazz Guitar Lesson

Bebop Guitar Lick in the Style of Charlie Parker

This particular is a good example because it’s one that stays completely within the diatonic scale or the major scale, so it sounds like this and I’ll do it slowly, 1st go faster, little bit faster, it’s a challenging lick for a couple reasons 1st of all there’s a little weird sounding and the way your fingers have to move starts on the high E string 10th fret with ring finger to the 11th fret with Pinky and the 9th fret to the 1st finger.

So that’s the 1st part then going to jump down to the B-string 10th fret 11, here’s the hard part you have to go back up immediately with your ring finger to the high E-string. You just moved it and play one more note that you’ve got to move it again then that’s another weird part is when you get out to here you’ve got to jump down immediately to the B-string. Try that out! I’m not going to go to the whole tune today it’s just a nice mini lesson for you.

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