The Ultimate Guitar Lesson to Master the Pentatonic Scales in 3 Weeks!

Your Path To Mastering The Pentatonic Patterns In Just 3 Weeks

Learning all 5 positions of the pentatonic scale in all keys can sound like an overwhelming task! Thankfully in this lesson today you’ll learn how to break it down into easily digestible components to learn all 5 positions in just 3 weeks, and how to take that and apply it to all other keys.

Getting the pentatonic patterns under your fingers is not only great for your finger dexterity, but it will also give you a map of notes all across the fretboard and allow you to express yourself anywhere that you want! It will also give insight into how riffs and solos were crafted, which makes them much easier to learn and play.

Having this map of the fretboard under your fingers will make playing feel less like being in an unfamiliar jungle and more like you know what you’re doing and can predict where to go, no matter where you’re at! So make sure to download the PDF for diagrams, and I hope you enjoy the lesson!
Thanks so much for downloading the TABs and checking out the lesson. I truly hope it’s helped push your guitar playing forward.

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