Ridiculously Simple Lead Guitar

Hey Friend,

I just put out a video series just
for the beginners who want to
learn lead guitar.

It’s 20 minutes of video instruction
with an included backing track.

What am I charging for this?

Absolutely freaking nothing! 🙂

Just go watch it on my blog.


I decided I needed to take care
of the beginners since some
of my recent lessons have
been more advanced.

It’s using a really different
teaching approach… No scales
to learn – we just start
with 1 note, then go to 2 notes
and then 3 notes.

Becuase while I’m trying to
get my playing closer to the
level of guys like Silvio and
Derryl , I still want to teach
at all levels.

Speaking of getting better, if
you watch the first video in
this new series, you’ll see
I’m actually picking at 240 bpm
at about 8:15 in the video.

240 bpm! Holy shred batman!
And actually I can go faster.

I’ll share my “speed secrets”
that I’ve been developing
in the next few months.

In fact, expect plenty of more videos
from me about lead guitar
in the near future at all
levels, beginner, intermediate,
and advanced.

Also, I’ll be sending other videos
from other instructors in lots
of different styles…

We’re just taking this thing to
a whole new level. I want to
blow you away with an avalanche
of value.

Of course, I’m still hoping you’ll
want to get our DVDs and be part
of the GGC for a long time.

I hope to inspire you to get
really into the guitar or
back into the guitar, or find
the time to practice.

I’ll have more videos from “Dokun”
coming soon, even though a lot
of people weren’t blown away —
I still think its an awesome
course. You’ll see… 🙂

Oh, and next email I’ll show you
the new blues package coming out.

I was gonna send you that today,
but I wanted to get this lesson
out to the beginners…

And last but not least, this is
the last day to grab the Jimmy
Dillon DVDs on sale.


Rock on!

Your dedicated Guitar Teacher,

Claude Johnson

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