How to Do The Country-Sound Lick in A7 Brent Mason Style

Hey guys!
In this guitar lesson, Jon MacLennan will teach you a cool country line in the style of Brent Mason.
So if you would like to start with country guitar this is the right lick. Hope you like it!!!

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Hey, how’s it going everybody? My name is
John McClennan and I’m here today with, excited to bring you this
awesome country-sounding lick in the style
of Brent Mason, an amazing studio guitar
player and just virtuoso player.

So let’s look at this lick, jump right in here.
Again, be sure to click the link below for the tabs.
But here’s your A7 chord and that’s what we’re
playing over here. We’re going to start on the
root at the 5th fret then we’re going to go to
the 8th fret and then we hit an open E string.

You might have a typical pentatonic lick like that.
But I like how this country kind of sound is bringing
in the open strings. Then you have — you know,
the notes that are a half step apart right next
to each other, one on the open string and then
one fretted, is definitely a country sort of idiom.

What I did there, after the open E, is I slid
from the 4th fret to the 3rd and then I play C
natural here on the 5th fret, and then back up,
2, 3, 4, open, flat 3rd to major 3rd. The frets
are first to second and then tonic A.

Here it is slowly. One-and, two-and, three-and,
four-and; one-and, two-and, three.

So practice that lick. Work on your speed with it.
It’s a great one you can use just over an A7 sound.

Again, be sure to click the links below for the
tab and we’ll see you in the next video.
Thanks for watching.

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