How Henry Ford can help you with guitar

hi Friend !

One of the coolest ways to create
nice sounds on your electric guitar
is with double stops.

I didn’t have time to shoot the video
this morning… But basically there’s
3 kinds of double stops you can
make with the pentatonic scale.

(A doublestop is a tiny 2-note-chord).

I’ll have to show you shortly in a video
about what I’m talking about and how
to use them.

It will be up on blog. For now, if you
haven’t checked out my blog lately,
I’ve uploaded a lot of videos in the
last couple months:


I’ll leave you with some inspiring

Maybe you’ve heard this quote before:

“Whether you think you can,
or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

That’s actually a quote from Henry Ford, who
started Ford Motor Company, and pioneered
mass production and the assembly line.

This can do/can’t do idea applies to anything… Guitar playing,
or anything else you want to accomplish in

Whatever you goals are — you want to learn to play
your favorite songs… You want to shred… You want
to play jazz or blues… You want to play great acoustic…

Whatever it is, you CAN do it.

Of course, good instruction helps…hint hint wink wink lol

But so much depends on attitude.

Gotta stay positive in these turbulent times
my friend… And you can do whatever you
set your mind to!

All the best, and I’ll be sending you some
lessons and videos this week.

Claude Johnson
your dedicated guitar teacher

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