The Secret of the "Ear-to-Fretboard Connection"

The “Ear-to-Fretboard Connection” is one of the “missing links” that most guitarists don’t even know exist. This is almost never talked about, yet it’s ONE OF THE BIGGEST KEYS to Guitar Control is: your ability to HEAR something and SEE IT on the fretboard. Imagine, if you heard a hot lick in your head and

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The Ear-to-Brain Connection

I revealed that there are 3 secrets to creating a world-class “Brain-to-Hand Connection”: 1. The Ear-to-Brain Connection2. The Ear-to-Fret board Connection3. Shorten The Guitar Player Feedback Loop The first step is developing a strong “Ear-to-Brain” connection.  This is when you HEAR something and then your brain can identify the sound. For an example, after I

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