The Secret of the "Ear-to-Fretboard Connection"

The “Ear-to-Fretboard Connection” is one of the “missing links” that most guitarists don’t even know exist. This is almost never talked about, yet it’s ONE OF THE BIGGEST KEYS to Guitar Control is: your ability to HEAR something and SEE IT on the fretboard. Imagine, if you heard a hot lick in your head and you would KNOW WITH CERTAINTY where it is on the neck.  You could actually see the notes on the fretboard as you hear the music in your mind.  How easy would it be to become a Guitar God? For the FIRST TIME EVER… I’ve created a new system that actually forces your brain to build a powerful “ear-to-fretboard connection”. This takes “ear training” for GUITAR PLAYERS to a whole new dimension.  This is truly the first “pitch training system” that is designed exclusively for guitar players. You’ll be able to actually PLAY WHAT YOU HEAR IN YOUR MIND.  This is HUGE.  That’s the power you’re going to posseess with an Absolute Pitch. On Monday — I’ll “bring it all together” in a powerful way when I reveal how you can “Shorten your Guitar Player Feedback Loop”.  This is really where the “big payoff” is. You’re gonna love it! CJ

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