The Ear-to-Brain connection

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I revealed that there are 3 secrets to creating a world-class “Brain-to-Hand Connection”:

1. The Ear-to-Brain Connection
2. The Ear-to-Fretboard Connection
3. Shorten The Guitar Player Feedback Loop

The first step is developing a strong “ear-to-brain” connection. 

This is when you HEAR something and then your brain can identify the sound.

For an example, after I played you a G chord – would your brain recognize it? If I played a D chord, would you know it automatically?  If you can’t already do this effortlessly, then you need some ear training so that you develop an “Absolute Pitch”.

This is quite possibly the most under-rated skill in guitar playing, yet it’s one of the big keys that can blow your guitar playing to the next level.  And of course, wait until I reveal the funnest, quickest, most effective way to build your ear-to-brain connection…

On the weekend, I’ll share my insights on secret #2:
The NEVER DISCUSSED “Ear-to-fretboard” connection.

Rock on,