How To Get and Use The Guitar Scale Generator

A Guitar Scale Generator is a useful tool for guitarists. It come in the form of a wheel device. These days, the Internet makes it even easier to find guitar scale generators. There a lot of websites that have built in generators that let you plug in a series of notes or a root note. The generator then calculates the notes and gives you the scale or an approximate scale for those notes.

Apps and software are also available that can generate scales and modes of all types. These products can be extremely useful and helpful, but it’s a good idea to learn to generate scales on your own. Becoming too dependent on these devices can hinder your ability to learn what’s under the hood when it comes to theory. As a musician and guitarist, learning how to build scales and chords is part of the business. I compare a guitar scale generator to a guitar tuner. A Guitar Tuner is useful in some situations, but it shouldn’t be a replacement for learning how to tune your guitar by ear. Relying on a guitar tuner can hamper your ability to hear, just as a guitar scale generator hampers your ability to build scales without relying on a device of some kind.



I don’t want to discourage anyone from using a scale generator. Used in conjunction with scale study, a guitar scale generator can be a learning tool as well as a compositional tool. Some of the best guitar scale generator online are easy to use and are often set up to look like the neck of the guitar, which allows you to click the notes you want to use on the frets and then generate the name of the scale those notes make. It works the same way with apps for your phone or computer. The cool thing about the apps is that the guitar scale generators are usually included in a suite of guitar products that include a chord dictionary and a guitar tuner.

However, when you use a guitar scale generator, always put some time into learning how scales are constructed and how they are applied. The downside of a scale generator is that it might tell you the notes, but it doesn’t teach you how to apply the scales. That’s something you will need to learn on your own.

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