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Hi, I’m George Christian, welcome to my DVD.
I hope you will find all this information very useful
and you want to talk about modes, major scale, major
scale divided by families, harmonized modes and harmonic
minor pentatonics, major and minor blues, how to use
pentatonics over minor and major blues and picking
techniques and exercise for the left and the right hand.
So let’s get started.

I have to start, I believe, from the beginning to explain,
first of all, chromatic scale, intervals, of the chords and I believe
if you know six scales, like ionian scale with the modes
and harmonic minor, melodic minor, pentatonics,
[unintelligible – 01:01] and whole tone, if you really
know these chord progressions and to lay the scales on
the fretboard, I really believe that you’re going to be out
of trouble at any time, in any kind of music. The first major
scale is the C ionian and the F lydian.

This lydian, if you was properly and very close, you can see
the F, G, A, B, which the flat five
here and perfect 5th at the same time. So the chord can be in
two ways: F7, major 7, flat five and F major 7. Some composers
they gave it F major 7, flat 5, some others, just F major 7.

The chord can be a F major 7, flat 5. Hear again, hear the lydian.
So after that, we go to mixolydian with the dominant chord of this
major scale. The 5th degree of every major scale is called dominant.
Of, course, it’s a flat 7 and here’s a G7. The 5th degree of C major 7.
And here is mixolydian. Here’s the love for blues.

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