How to Play the Blues On Exotic Guitar Scales

So there was a D minor blues.
Let me analyze chord by chord.
The first chord, D minor 7.
So I can play D minor blues.
The same thing; I can keep it
on G minor 7. This G minor 7 is
the second degree of F major 7.
This blues is based on F major 7 scale.

G minor 7 chord can be dorian.
So we don’t have all the time
to play always. In order to be
a blues, we have to play always
the blues scale; nothing else.
We can use some other stuff to
have a variety of different sounds
and passing tones and everything.
You can have a dorian this time,
which is very, very melodic.
Back to D minor. Also, you can
apply aeolian here.

Aeolian goes to B flat.
When you play lydian.
Another particular chord
I play before. Play that
lydian, this kind of lick.
Or I could play, The D minor 7 and A7.
I’ll keep it simple here. But in just
blues, as I told you before, you could
play B flat melodic minor. So let me play
one more time; show you scale by scale.

D minor blues. G minor 7 dorian.
Back to D minor blues. B flat lydian.
B harmonic minor. Let’s go to dorian;
G dorian. Now I’m going to play the
B flat lydian. Arpeggio

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