How to Play Blues Guitar Using Inverted Major Chords

We’re going to change our fingering so we can hammer-on from the 2nd to the 3rd. And we don’t even have to have the root on top here. We can just have the 5th and it will still sound like an E. So it’s first finger, 11th fret, G string; second finger, 12th fret; B

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Blues Master Class

How to Move to the IV Chord In A Minor Blues Solo

Sol is not just a great player, but also a great teacher… Here’s a clip of him teaching one way to move to the IV chord during a minor blues solo. Okay, before we move on to working on our majors and taking this a little bit further, I’m going to show you one more

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How to Play Blues Guitar Using 1 Chord and 1 Lick

Okay, so our pattern is just simply… So now that we’ve got that little fill, we can start adding extras. And it’s really down to you to figure out good licks to play in between. I’m just going to play a couple, again, so you can maybe — maybe it will inspire you to get

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4 Secrets to Becoming A Powerful Blues Guitarist

Sol will teach you a ton of awesome grooves, licks, tricks and styles. Everyone is asking – WHEN’S IT COMING OUT,WHEN CAN I BUY THIS COURSE ??? The answer: the course will be released on November 30th 🙂 A lot of the AC/DC-type stuff is always in the key ofE, A and G because you’ve

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How to Play Killer Blues Guitar Riffs

Here’s the next sample clip from “Ultimate Blues Master Class with Sol Philcox”. There are a TON of amazing blues tricks, licks, and secrets that will be revealed to you, along with TABS… Stay tuned for the upcoming release of this course! Now chords is just one part of the whole concept of rhythm playing.

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