4 Secrets to Becoming A Powerful Blues Guitarist


Sol will teach you a ton of awesome grooves, licks, tricks and styles.

Everyone is asking – WHEN’S IT COMING OUT,

The answer: the course will be released on November 30th 🙂

A lot of the AC/DC-type stuff is always in the key of
E, A and G because you’ve just got such great —
you’ve got a great amount of open-type things you
can do if you just do like a…

That’s really good for rock, like classic rock.
And I was actually going to show in the next part how
E is great for shuffle grooves, because you’ve got open strings.

You can…

I mean, that’s great for E, because you just got a real loud…
I mean, you can do the same thing up the fret board like in C,
but it just doesn’t sound the same.

To certain — it’s the way that the nut works on the guitar
where open strings just sound much more chime-y and loud almost…

Compared to like a… You’ve got so many different frequencies
like on top of each other.

That’s why open positions are great for country.

Like G. You go…



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