Egyptian Guitar Scales


In this Guitar Control lesson I want to share with you the “Egyptian Guitar Scales”.

The Egyptian Guitar Scale is composed of 7 notes. The structure goes like this: It’s a great scale that you can play with progressive music, middle eastern music and more. You can even incorporate this scale in Pop music.

I mean we’ve seen Top L.A producers include E middle eastern scales in songs like “Candy Shop” by 50 Cents or “In Songs” by Christina Aguilera.
It is not uncommon for producers to use this type of scales, as they bring some sort of sexiness to the composition, so don’t be afraid to use them.

I have prepared for you two awesome sound Egyptian Guitar Scale licks. The first could be used in a more fusion setting or progressive rock setting. You could play this lick using an alternate picking technique or a hybrid picking technique. You could also use legato for certain notes if you feel like, it could bring another texture to the lick. Let’s check it out:

The next lick, I want to show is definitely a challenging one. My suggestion for the following Egyptian Guitar lick is to try to use a legato technique as much as you can. For instance, you only play the first note of a string and then use a legato technique to play the rest of the notes. It’s going to strengthen your hammers and pull offs and it will sound less forced
and less stressed as alternate picking could be too much sometimes. Let check it out:

My suggestion for these licks is to first learn all the Egyptian scale very well and practice it a lot. Once you have mastered it and able to understand its structure and play it all over. It is very important for you to see the Egyptian Scale structure whenever you’re playing an Egyptian Scale lick. Play and understand what you are playing.

This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out entire database of videos here:

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