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CMC here. Good day, mates! Hey, what does a middle aged wannabe rocker like me know about Jazz guitar scales? I know one thing: Pat Metheny was one of my all time favorite guitarists back in the day and a quick Google search just revealed to me that he’s still going strong in his 60’s. And there are so many opportunities for musical fusions, “Jazz” might not always be what you think. So, what do I know about jazz guitar scales? Not much but let’s start learning. Come with me on a magical mystery tour of JAZZ GUITAR SCALES.

From what I’ve heard, learning jazz scales isn’t exactly ALL THERE IS to learning jazz guitar but it’s pretty darned important and certainly a HUGE factor.

Your cup of tea or not, I get the impression that jazz guitar scales are a Fundamental tool in the improvisational voice of Jazz music for guitarists.


Learning scales…and using them in appropriate chord progressions will mos def allow you to easily chart the groovy waters of Jazz chords in general and also, other types of Jazz chord progressions. Knowing them will help you grow in complexity and confidence. These scales will encourage you to go deeper as you practice and grow as a guitarist.

Jazz soloing in true Jazz voice/language/sound/style requires at least a basic grasp of structure, chord substitutions and arpeggios. Together, they all fill your aggregate tool box – something that will come in handy when you solo, play lines, building tension and resolving that tensions during lines and phrases.

So, hey, not bad, huh? We just dug in a little bit. We came, we saw, we learned. We made progress. Everything counts, so keep it up! I do know this: learning and knowing jazz guitar scales can only make you a greater player with greater range and skill. It can only get you closer to the dream of being a guitar god, of being a paid player, maybe a studio musician.

So, hey…why not? Just do it, dudes (and dudettes as it maybe) Check out some Jazz guitar scales.

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