Beginner Guitar Lessons That Will Make You Play Better

Learning to play guitar well can be a challenge. A lot of people start out wanting to learn and quickly realize that it takes a little more time and determination than they original thought. Some people are lucky enough to be able to afford a personal teacher who can structure a lesson plan that introduces the appropriate Guitar lessons beginner guitar players need to progress at a reasonable pace. Unfortunately, a lot of beginning guitar players can’t afford to hire a guitar instructor and are forced to try and figure out the appropriate lessons on their own. Not knowing how to play guitar when you first pick one up, it’s likely you haven’t got the slightest clue where to start or what types of guitar lessons beginner guitar players need to take, Beginners should normally begin with learning how to handle their instruments. This includes how to change strings, how to store them, and how to keep them tuned. I can’t count the times I’ve seen beginning guitar players take their guitars to a guitar shop to have strings put on or to have them tuned. This is a waste of money and not necessary. There are plenty of websites that will teach you these basics. Learn them first. Chords are the foundation for guitar playing. You can never know too many chord shapes. Open chords, barre chords, and variations on each are essential guitar lessons beginner guitar players should have. Charts like the one below can be found at no cost, showing not only these basic chords, but more advanced chords as well. Later on, after you’ve memorized a good number of chord shapes, you might want to learn how to build chords from the notes of a scale, that way you will be able to construct chords all over your fretboard. guitar-lessons-beginner_1.jpg guitar-lessons-beginner_2.jpg You’ll often hear music teachers preaching about scales and how important it is to learn them. Learning scales doesn’t hurt, but guitar lessons beginner guitar players should focus on include lessons that put more emphasis on playing techniques like picking and strumming. If you don’t focus on these in the beginning, you’re likely to develop poor habits that will be hard to break later. You can know all the scales in the world and all you’ll really know is a bunch of scales if you don’t know how to play. You can learn scales later, after you’ve developed some good playing habits and have the capability to apply those scales in real world settings. The most important guitar lessons beginner guitar players can participate in are those lessons that further the ability to play the guitar. Book knowledge will only get you so far.

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