Your daily dose of guitar

Mornin Friend…

It’s early on Saturday morning
and pretty freakin cold and windy
here in Pennsylvania.

I’m up early cause I gots a few things
I gotta get done today – some work,
and of course, I want to get my daily
guitar practice in.

A good dose of guitar practice in the
morning makes your whole day better.

I swear, if you play guitar, you can’t
underestimate the benefits of playing
every day.

If you need some inspiration, I just
uploaded a new lesson on my site.

If you haven’t seen my site, check it out,
there’s lots of cool information, links,
and also guitar tips and tricks. You wont
be dissapointed.

And , by all means, if you really are inspired
to jam, or you just want to GET inspired…
Check out all our other “Guitar Control” sites.

By the way, all of our DVD learning courses
come with a 365 day guarantee. Amazing guarantee –
amazing guitar learning opportunities.

Go for it!

Claude “Guitar” Johnson

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