How To Start Guitar Lessons Online – For Beginners

The most important aspect of any kind of musical instruction is finding the right teacher or method for you. No two guitar players are alike, but online guitar lessons are literally a dime a dozen. There are only so many ways you can demonstrate a pentatonic blues lick. At some point, it comes down to camera angles and color schemes – neither of which has anything to do with learning to play guitar. So what about Beginner Guitar Lessons Online? A single Google search for “beginner guitar lessons online” turned up 50,600,000 results and I thought, “Good Lord! How could you even begin to parse through all of that?” You could start by clicking on the top results and work your way down until you found a match. Or you could use a more discrete search term. The possibilities are endless. Mathematically speaking, it’s nearly miraculous that you’ve found your way here to Guitar Control. Let’s say your ultimate goal as a guitar player is to emulate the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, which is a very popular choice. Clearly, you’re familiar with his music and the most basic rudiments of his style. That’s a good start. But where do you go from there? Well, you don’t start by learning “Purple Haze”, that’s for sure. What you really need to play like Jimi Hendrix is a rock solid foundation in all aspects of guitar. That means chords and scales. And Guitar Control is a fantastic place to get started. And that’s the key. It really doesn’t matter where you start – the point is that you get going. For instance, learning how to read guitar tablature is going to be a big part of your learning process. tab-reading.jpg As you can see from the diagram, tab is laid out as if the guitar was in your hands and you were looking down on the fretboard. Each line represents a string. The top line is the high E, and the bottom line is the low E. The numbers on the lines represent the fret number, and the notes are played in succession, as if you were reading a book – one number follows the other. And other important thing to learn is how to tune your guitar, so please check out this cool lesson: HOW TO TUNE AN ELECTRIC GUITAR I also want to recommend you to check out our beginner course: ULTIMATE BEGINNER GUITAR COURSE

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