It’s so easy Homer Simpson could do it (after 12 beers)…

hi Friend, This video right here shows why Jimmy Dillon is so freaking awesome. He’s one of the best guitars to take really simple licks and make them sound like million dollar solo. Beautiful simplicity is our friend. GO JIMMY, GO! IMPORTANT: Jimmy Dillon’s new course “Rocking The Blues Deluxe” is coming out on July 18th. I personally think it’s his best one yet. The video quality, the sound, the information… ALL of it has reached new heights. Stay tuned and keep rockin’ Claude J. P.S. Even if you’re a seasoned pro — check out how Jimmy Dillon uses one of the most essential guitar pedals in our arsenal. You’ll probably pick up a few things: BLUES LESSON OF THE DAY Newest Course: Acoustic Guitar Toolkit JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Newest Course: Jam Like a Master Learn 50, 75, or even 125 of your favorite songs now Jimmy Dillon Summer Sale on DVDs Get some Epic Rhythm Guitar Power The ultimate guitar course for beginners who want to play their favorite songs fast. Rule the neck fast with the 3 killer guitar control secrets. Fretboard Intensive Training (FIT) Russian nervous system technology triples the speed of your chop building. Learn the 4 big blues secrets and sound like a seasoned blues veteran in a few fun hours. The best selling acoustic guitar course of 2010 and 2011. Add a whole new dimension of tasty guitar chops to your arsenal. Learn all the greatest jazz standards of all times. GO HERE FOR ALL COURSES Need help? Visit us at

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