how i deal with stress

hi Friend,


its been a heck of a week
over here in my corner of the universe.

Kinda stressed but nothin the Johnsonater can’t handle.

Actually the guitar helps me “deal” a lot of times.
Helps me take my mind to a place of inspiration and
away from the mundane and “boggeries” of the everday.

One thing i like to do is take little snippets of jazz
standards – even one or two chords.

It’s often something I’ve never played before.

For example – Dm7 to G9sus4-3.

Try it.

This exotic G chord has the following notes on it
theoretically: G B C D F A. But you’re never gonna
find a good voicing with all those notes.

You can try this voicing:


So you get the root, fourth , third, and ninth.

Cool right?

If you’re following along you already forgot to be
stressed about anything that might have been troubling ya.
See – guitar always helps in life 🙂

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Have a phantastic weekend!

Claude Johnson

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