Am I completely bonkers? (watch this video)

Hi Friend,

A few days ago I promised you some info
on a new video featuring some FRETBOARD
TAPPING techniques.

Heck, I even was so bold as to tell you
that it’s beyond even VAN HALEN!

Have I lost my mind and gone completely

No, there actually is a guitar freak
who can deliver on this promise,
and he is none other than our own
shred-maestro Derryl Gabel.

Derryl is famous for his over-the-top
techniques and freakish playing.

But I’m not writing you today to
talk about Derryl. This email
is more about YOU.

Let me ask you: Do you want to become
an ADVANCED lead guitarist?

If you do, Derryl can help get you there
faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’re even slightly interested in
advanced lead guitar or tapping,’
this is definitely for you.

For now, check out the samples. I just
posted 2 video clips for you to check out.

This new video will be available at noon EST
on Thursday, and we’ll have a very special
deal for you to get it at a rock bottom price.

There will also be some “fast action bonuses”
if you’re one of the first to oder.

So, keep an eye on your inbox for the details
about to be released shortly.

Hey listen…

I want to tell you something about our guitar videos
that we offer here at Guitar Control…

Like they say on TV:
“I’m not just the president of the
hair club, I’m also a client.”

Just kidding about the hair club. Although I should
watch my receding hairline.

No, but seriously… I’m not just a promoter of guitar
products, I’m also a student.

I myself am working on becoming more advanced and I pay
close attention to everything Derryl teaches.

I also study everything Silvio teaches
( and I also use our
tools like the Guitar Scale System (
and Tone Tutor (

That’s why I’m able to back everything we sell
with an awesome guarantee. Cause I know it rocks…
Cause I use it myself.

So if you’re ready for the guitar freak zone, like I said…
keep an eye on that inbox for the details on the new tapping video.

If you’re more of a beginner or intermediate player, please
check out our other fine products like our Ultimate Beginner
Guitar Course or Killer Guitar Control Secrets.
You can get both of these in the 12 DVD package (

That’s it for now and don’t forget to check out the videos.

Rawk on,

Claude Johnson

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