Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Chords – Learn the Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners

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Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Chords - Learn the Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners

Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Chords – Learn the Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from guitarcontrol.com and
I want to give you a real quick mini lesson for beginners
on playing the song “Lola”. It’s a great example of how a
few basic chords come together in a beautiful song.

So you have your E chord and then you have an A chord and a
D chord. We’re not going to go through the whole song, but
just the first part uses just three chords. The message that
I keep giving you guys, you beginners out there, is that
once you learn a few basic chords you can easily put them
together into almost all your favorite songs.

The first part of this song is two bars of E and then it
goes A, D, E, A. It’s just three chords. Check the link
in the video description for the chord chart and I also
go over, in some of my other videos, the exact fingerings
you need. But hopefully you’ll do that first; learn those
basic chords. Once again, the seven chords you need to
know: E minor, G, C, D, A, A minor and E. I keep saying
that in so many of my videos.

Just to give you an example of how it sounds, and I’ll
show you the strum in just a second, too. That’s the basic
idea. The strum is one, two, three, four. So you hit the
one and the three and then you do one-and, two-and, and,
four-and. Let’s do it again. One, three; one-and, two-and,
and, four-and; one, three. I hope that makes sense for you guys.

Once again, check the link in the video description and if
you’re a beginner and you really want to get going fast,
check-out my beginner guitar course. Just go to
guitarcontrol.com/beginner. Thanks for watching.

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