How to Play Guitar Songs with Free Easy Tabs

Guitar tabs are an excellent way for guitar players to learn to play their favorite songs, learn scales, or learn to play exercises that can help with finger strength and technique. There are numerous websites that offer guitar tabs free of charge, opening the door to a world of guitar music you can play whenever you want. Most of these websites rely on users to help build the catalogue, so if you want to try your hand at figuring out a song and transcribing it to guitar tab for others to play, these websites give you the opportunity to do just that.

Guitar tab is easy to learn and, for most guitar players, the logical way to read and write guitar music. Six horizontal lines indicate strings and numbers on those strings tell you what fret to play. More advanced tab uses traditional note tails to indicate rhythm. Tab also makes use of other guitar notation, such as bends, trilling, and slides.

The example below shows a D major chord written in tab and shows the same chord as a chord diagram. The next example shows a C major scale in tab and standard notation.



The next two examples use traditional note tails to indicate rhythm. The first is a minor pentatonic lick and the second is a fingerpicking exercise that uses additional notation to indicate which fingers to use. These are just a couple of examples of guitar tabs free of charge on the Internet.



If all you want is to play some of your favorite songs, you’ll have no trouble finding all the free guitar tabs you could ever want. The examples here, “For Those About To Rock” and “Wanted Dead or Alive,” are just two of the types of guitar tabs free online.



Some of my favorite free guitar tabs are “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,” “Livin’ After Midnight,” “Sweet Child O Mine,” and “Rock N Roll all Nite.” Your mileage may vary, but thee are songs I enjoyed learning note for note using free guitar tablature.

If you’re looking for more guitar tabs free, just do a quick search for guitar tab sites or guitar tabs to a specific song. There are so many free tabs out there that the chances of not finding what you want are pretty slim.

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