How To Play The B7 Chord

Hello, my fellow guitar enthusiasts! Joshua here from guitarcontrol with another lesson on guitar chords and tablature. We all know our guitar chords: E minor, G, A, D, C, etc. We all know our tabs too. As such, I’m not going to go much into detail about how those work. Instead I will give you some info about some more advanced chords and some tablature to go along with them. Check out this GUITAR LESSON ON CHORDS The four main beginner chords in guitar are G, C, E minor, and D. If you do not know these chords, then do not read any further until you learn those. An understanding of these chords is required for what I’m about to share with you. B7_Guitar.gif This is a B7 chord. If you’re familiar with B minor, you’ll notice that B7 is nothing like it. It has more in common with E major than anything else. It will be a little challenging to form at first, but the way I remember it helps me mentally to make the chord. I call it the “skip” chord. What this means is that you place your first finger down first, but on the second fret, you place your second, third, and fourth fingers on every other string, or “skip” every other string. And most importantly, remember not to play the low E string. Once you learn it well, here is a decent tab that makes good use of it. Pluck or strum, it’s entirely up to you. jazz-blues-lick-b7.gif Guitar chords and tabs don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but when put together they offer great alternative methods to playing the same songs. There are plenty of other hard chords to experiment with, so stick around with us and look through a bunch of our other resources on chords and tabs. If you’re still hungry for more, check us out on Youtube as well. Thanks for reading, and keep practicing. If you like jazz guitar, I recommend you to check out this great course in DVD: REAL EASY JAZZ

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