Blues Lick in A Minor

Blues Lick in A Minor


Electric Blues Guitar Lesson – Blues Lick in A Minor

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from and
I’m going to give you another blues lick of the day mini
lesson. Here’s the lick of the day and it’s in the key
of A. Once again.

So we’ve got a couple of interesting things going on here.
First, we’re using an arpeggio, actually, an A minor 7
arpeggio here on the 14th fret G string with my ring finger.
Then I go 14th, 13th, 12th with my ring, middle and index
finger; then pinkie goes on the 15th fret high E string.
That’s an A minor 7 arpeggio.

The next technique, what I’m doing here, I’m actually
hammering it on and then going right into a bend with
vibrato. So real slow… But just go right into that bend.

From there we pull-off. As you release the bend, pull off,
go down, do a little melodic thing. There are a lot of
notes there so check the link in the video description
for the tabs.

Another bend with vibrato and I’m doing the same thing
there. I’m just hammering-on and then going right into
a bend with vibrato.

Finally, I’m vibrato-ing that last note, which is the
14th fret G string, right where I started.
It’s on the A.

I hope you like that lick. That’s all for today.
Please check-out my blues guitar course at I have tabbed examples.
It’s just a boat-load of killer information and
I really think you’ll enjoy it. So check it out
and have an awesome day.


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