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Welcome back! Today I wanna give you one of the most useful online jazz guitar lessons you will ever receive. The most basic jazz progression is the IIm – V7 – Imaj7; You will run into it more than you think so. I wanna show a way to spice it up; to make it sound way cooler than what it is. I wanna show a way in which you will be able to grab this simple chord progression and turn it into a more complex sounding one. To do so, we are gonna have to get deep into it, but first let’s check out how this basic progression sounds: online-jazz-guitar-lessons_1.png To change this progression we are gonna have to replace chords. We are gonna start out by replacing the Dominant chord, the G7. The substitute dominant is always located a b5 above the actual chord. So for example, a substitute for a G7 would be a Db7. Another way to look at this is to think about the target chord. whenever you have a 7 chord like the G7, it is most likely trying to resolve a 5th bellow (or a 4th up). The G7 is trying to resolve to a C. Another way of seeing is basically replacing the G7 for a chord 7th chord that is 1 semitone above the target chord. The target chord of G7 is C, so a substitute for G7 would be a semitone above C, which is Db (or C#). Therefore the chord we are looking for is a Db7: online-jazz-guitar-lessons_2.png Whenever you have Dominant chord like the G7, you can play a m7 before it. The m7 chord needs to be a 5th above or a 4th below. For example, we could play a Dm7 before a G7. We could do the same for the substitute of the G7, the Db7. We could play an Abm7 before the Db7 like this: online-jazz-guitar-lessons_3.png You could also combine the m7 of Db7 with a G7 like this: online-jazz-guitar-lessons_4.png Another awesome chord you can use instead of a G7 is a Bb7. Sounds awesome and works very well: online-jazz-guitar-lessons_5.png This is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and please remember to check out more of our videos at:

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