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Beginners usually want to be able to pick up the guitar and play easy electric guitar songs right away. A lot of people who get the urge to play guitar are usually inspired by their favorite bands or other guitar players and they may not realize how much work is actually involved in learning how to play guitar. If we could pick up the instrument and magically play any song we wanted, most of us would probably play.

While playing guitar really well might take a lot of practice, it is possible to play some of your favorite songs almost right away. Easy electric guitar songs are available on many web sites that basically give you the minimum information you need to be able to play some of your favorite songs with little or no practice. Once you’ve learned simple arrangements of these songs, you can always expand on them as your skill level increases.

Guitar Basics

Before you tackle any of the easy electric guitar songs you’re dying to play, you should learn some basic stuff. Barre chords, strumming techniques, and left hand/right hand coordination are fundamental. You’ll also want to memorize some of the basic chords, as illustrated below. Barre chords are moveable shapes that change chord names as you move up and down the next of the guitar. These shapes are based on the standard open guitar shapes in first position.

The difference between barre chords and open chords is that barre chords work well in rock and metal songs on electric guitar and open position chords are ideal for strumming country songs or rock ballads. They work better on acoustic guitar. That doesn’t mean the two chord types can’t be played on either instrument, but generally speaking, this is the case.

Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners


Famous Songs

Any easy electric guitar songs list I make is subjective. These are the songs I found easiest to play when I started out. Most of my friends learned these same songs. If you’re just starting out, if you put some time into learning a few basic chords, and if you get a tab sheet or listen to the recordings of these songs, I think you’ll find them easy to play.

  • Livin’ After Midnight – Judas Priest
  • You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’- Judas Priest
  • Smoke on the Water-Deep Purple
  • Highway to Hell AC/DC

Here´s a cool guitar lesson with another classic rock song, check it out!


All but one of these songs use barre chords, which makes them very easy to play. The AC/DC song actually uses full open position chords, which Angus is fond of doing. You’ll find that a lot of AC/DC songs are easy to play at least rhythmically once you’ve learned the basic open position chords and get a feel for timing.

Listen to some of your favorites and then try playing by ear. If you can’t quite do it by ear, then find easy guitar tab to help you out and give it a shot. With a little practice and an understanding of basic chords, some of your favorite songs are not so far out of your reach.

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