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Acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument and ideal for beginners who want to learn how to play guitar. You can pick one up for a relatively decent price and it’s easy to store and easy to carry around with you. You can learn acoustic guitar in a variety of ways. Printed methods, the Internet, or videos specializing in acoustic guitar lessons are all possibilities. A guitar teacher is another option that might work for you. However you choose to learn acoustic guitar, there are some basic things you’ll want to approach first. After learning how to tune and string your guitar (basic information all guitar players should understand), get right on learning chords. The basic chords in the first position like A, G, C, D, Am, Em, Dm, and F are the first chords to work on. An understanding of how to read guitar chord diagrams are all you need to learn the shapes of these chords. Below are chord diagrams for learning to play these chords. learn-acoustic-guitar-chords.png Scales are helpful if you want to learn advanced playing skills. The major and minor scales at the least, with blues and pentatonic scales later on. If you’re just wanting to learn acoustic guitar for your pleasure or to strum some songs to impress friends, family, or to serenade the opposite sex, you’ll get more mileage out of learning basic chords and then developing your strumming hand. Below is an example of strumming technique you might want to focus on. This example is a common style, but you can vary the rhythm once you understand the principle, and learn to apply palm muting and other techniques that add color to your playing. learn-acoustic-guitar-strum.gif After you’ve put some chords under your belt and you have a handle on strumming, the next logical step to learning how to play an acoustic guitar s actually playing some of your favorite songs. There are tons of websites that offer chord and lyric sheets for just about any song you can imagine. They’re easy to play once you’ve mastered these basic chords, and those few basic chords are enough to open a world of song choices.

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If you decide later that you want to pursue the acoustic guitar on a more serious level, fingerpicking and classical lessons are also available. The example below shows an intense Chet Atkins lesson that will challenge even a seasoned player. You can find Youtube videos, website instruction, and TAB transcriptions that can help you make the transition from hobby acoustic guitar player to advanced professional player, all in the comfort of your own home. learn-acoustic-guitar-picking.jpg

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