How to Play Fade To Black by Metallica

So you want to learn How to Play Fade To Black by Metallica. In this free lesson instructor Darrin Goodman gives step by step video instruction on how to play this classic from Metallica. This was the first ballad type of song that the band recorded and is a lot of fun to play. Be sure to click the link to get the included guitar tabs so you can easily follow along and start rockin’ Fade To Black by Metallica.

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Hey how’s it going? This is Darrin from bringing you this video lesson. Today I want to show you the intro for Fade To Black by Metallica. This is a really easy fun riff to play and it sounds really cool too. So you can play this with the guitar pick or it’s a good one for finger picking too so if you’re working on your finger picking this is a good one for that too. So anyhow be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look at Fade To Black by Metallica.

Fade To Black Chords

Alright so starting off Fade To Black by Metallica what you’re doing with your fretting hand is actually really simple. I’m on the second fret of the fifth string with my first finger and the fourth fret of the fourth string with my third finger and then we will also be picking up at some point the fifth fret of the fifth string with your fourth finger.

Now when I taught this to my private students before a lot of the beginners have problems with making this stretch between their first and third fingers so they want to use their use their fourth finger and if you look at one of my previous lessons where I did “One” it uses that same chord shape and you can get away with using your fourth finger there, in this case you really can’t so if you are having problems with making this stretch.

A couple of things that you want to look at; one is that you don’t want to have your thumb hanging up over the top. When you put your thumb up over the top like that you bend your wrist in this way and so it’s like you’re sticking the palm of your hand against the guitar and beginners a lot of times grab the neck of the guitar like they were grabbing a baseball bat just because that’s muscle memory of how you pick something up you grab it like that. When your wrist is bent down like this then you pull your fingers back you can’t spread your fingers apart but if you bend your wrist forward then you can, you get much bigger reach, I’ve got very small hands, I don’t have big long fingers, so if I can make this stretch anybody should be able to make this stretch.

So I recommend you bring your thumb around the back of the neck more so it’s like you’re pinching like this, with that wrist bent you’re gonna be able to get that reach. All right so we’re like I said our first fingers on the second fret of the fifth string, third finger on the fourth fret of the fourth string and we’re gonna pick the fifth fourth and then the third string open, so we’re going to go 5 4 3 4 5.

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