3 Easy Drop D Riffs – Cool Guitar Lesson On Heavy Metal Riffs

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Hey, everybody. How’s it going? This is Darrin Goodman from guitarcontrol.com bringing you this video lesson. Today, I want to show you three cool drop D riffs. Some of these songs are actually drop D flat. They’re tuned down more, but I’m just doing it in standard tuning with just with the drop D. Let’s get close up and take a look at what we got going on here. Be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs, so that way you can follow along and make it easier.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is tune your sixth string from an E down to a D, so that way, your sixth and fourth strings are tuned to the same pitch. The first group we’re going to look at is We Die Young by Alice In Chains. This entire riff is just based on the sixth and the fifth string. You are going to just be using your first and your third finger to play this. We start off, we’re on the second fret of the sixth string and the fifth string with your first finger. This entire riff is based in eighth notes, and a couple of parts for the eighth notes are tied together. I’ll explain that when we get there.

Just bar that, the second fret, sixth and fifth string. That’s one, and then on the end, one, and the downbeat of two. You just hit the sixth string open twice. Then we go to the fifth fret of the sixth and the fifth string, and we’re going to hit that and bend it a half step. Then follow that with sixth string open again back to the third fret of the fifth and the sixth string with your first finger. Then follow that with the open string again. That’s the first measure, so we have…

Then starting on the downbeat of one on the second measure is the open sixth string again. Now we’re barring that third fret again, sixth string open twice, third fret again, sixth one more time. Then that third fret, and we’re going to do a hammer-on to the fifth fret. You’re going to bar it with your first finger, the third fret, and then do a hammer-on to the fifth fret with your third finger. All right, so that’s the first two measures.

Then starting on the third measure, it’s actually the same as the first. Again, we start off second fret. Fifth fret bend. Open, three, open. Then the fourth fret is, or excuse me, the fourth measure is just a little bit different, so we have the open six, third fret, open, fifth, and then you hit fifth again and bend back to third, and then the open sixth again. Major three and four. The whole sequence.

All right, next, we’re going to look at Outshined by Soundgarden. This riff, again, just like the previous one, it’s entirely based on the sixth and the fifth string. We start off, we’ve got, we actually, we… and this one’s kind of weird too because it’s in 7/4, so I’m not going to get into all the details of counting that, but it’s fairly simple to play.

We start off, we rest on the first six beats, and then we start on the seventh beat on the first measure, and then that leads us into the main riff, which is just the second measure. We start off, we’re on the 10th fret of the sixth string, and I’m just gonna use my first finger. You pick that and slide out of it, and then immediately start the riff, so you’re like… The riff starts off with just the sixth and the fifth string played together open, and it’s palm muted. Then we go to the third fret of the sixth string with your first finger to the fifth fret with your third finger back to the third fret, back to open, back to the third fret.

Then we follow that with just the fifth string, or excuse me, the third fret on just the fifth string. You do a little vibrato on that, and that one is actually a whole note. The rest of these have been eighth notes. After you do that, you follow with the barring the sixth fret of the sixth and the fifth string. In this case, I use my third finger, and then it goes to the fifth with my second finger, and then back to third fret with my first finger. Then you just slide out of that, so you’ve got…

All right, and then finally we have, it’s actually a riff. It’s one of my own riffs from original song of mine. It’s called Night Terror from my band Sonic Prophecy. This one, is for the most part, is played just on the sixth and the fifth string, but it does have a D5 power chord. It’s on the fifth and the fourth string. All right, so start off, we play the sixth and the fifth string open together, and then pedal the fourth string open four times. It’s like this is an eighth note and then four 16th notes. Then we follow that with the fifth fret of the sixth and fifth string. I use my first finger. Then it goes to the sixth fret. I use my second finger. Back to the fifth fret, and then to the open string. That’s the first measure.

Then starting on the second measure, we go to a D5 power chord, so first fret of the fifth string with your first finger and seventh fret of the fourth string with your third finger. Then after that, we do the sixth string four times pedal tone. Then five, six, five again. So the first two measures. Then for measure three, it’s actually the same thing as the first measure. Then the fourth measure is the same as the second measure except for one thing. We start off the same way with that D5 power chord, to the fifth threat, and this time when we go to the sixth fret, we just hit it twice instead of going back to the fifth threat. So all four measures slowly.

All right, so I hope you enjoyed that and you got something out of it. If you like this lesson, be sure to give me a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below if there’s anything you’d like to see either myself or one of the other instructors at guitarcontrol.com do in a future lesson. Click on the link, download those tabs so you can have them for future reference and you can follow along, get all the little details correct and everything. All right, so that’s all for me today. Until next time.

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