How to Play “I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman” by The White Stripes (Easy Guitar Song Lesson)

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In this Guitar Control lesson video instructor Sean Daniel, will show you how to play “Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman”.

Hi, everybody Sean Daniel with Guitar Control. Today we are learning an absolutely awesome and fun song to play named “Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman” by White Stripe. An awesome easy to play, lots of fun power blues-rock song. Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.All of this are power chords, which make it great.

Step 1: Starting with a G Major

We are going to start with a g major, it is not even a major chord, just a power chord, the g power chord third fret on the low e string fifth fret, using my pinky to get the octave of that root note. It is three, five, five, got a little distortion using a walrus audio iron horse distortion pedal to overdrive the distortion. We have a couple of different parts so, let us go through the verses real quick, and it will goes like this, a bit of a pattern starting with just g.

Step 2: Knowing what is a b flat power chord

Also, we need to know what a b flat power chord is. It is the same shape on the first fret of the a string, and then b flat to f. F is the first fret of the e string. Make sure you are comfortable with those three spots. Try to work on the root notes, moving around basically with the power chords, which will be the chorus. Let us go back to the verse of g. The first line will be the g, b, then to g, then going to the last part a lot of times. You will see the chord charts. Just have it as a g, the first half of the verse is g to b flat, to f, then g, after we start on a b flat, whole verse second half b flat. So f chord shall hold you to make it to f major, to give it a little more musicality you do not need to do that beautiful thing, just hit that f chord.

Most of the time, the chorus starts with these four big g power chords, hits in one, two, and three. You will notice I am using two different b flat chords, the first frap on the a string power chord is a b flat. That is the same thing as the sixth fret on the low e string. My strumming pattern will be down, up, down, then getting up mute before going to that b flat and move that right to an f sliding. The sixth fret and the six, six to five, three is b flat to a, g.

A much easier way to go from here than b to a g. Your option is b flat to a, g. The first fret opens a, and then 2d. I think it is better to stay on one string for that part on the whole chorus. When I say g, g, g, g, g, b flat, and then go back into the verse. The verse will be the same.

Step 3: Bridge

The only essential part will be the bridge. Open strums start on a c major chord, then having a little bit of a riff. I suppose the whole bridge will start with the c chord. I like playing this open c major chord in just one strum, then let it ring out. This is just a traditional c major chord voicing, but 3 e, 3 a, 2d open, g 1 b plays with a power chord. If you want to keep the theme of the power chords. Have your a, c and held two, three, four, b flat, two three, four, then going back to g any time around. As a, and g will always sound good from going a, g, f back to g is. The first part of the bridge c 2, 3, 4, b, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, second-time c 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, after building back.

We will get the unison bend, where your ring finger is on the fifth fret of the g string, and bending that up. Notice I am using my other fingers to help me get as high as I need. I am also keeping my pointer finger on the third fret of the b string, so you will hear it when they become that same note.

Then going back to the verse, then to the bridge c, to b, to g, again there is like an electric piano going on in the background, hang on this for a while. Now we will ascend the b-flat and then back, making power chords into riffs are essential to make the sound awesome. In addition to this, one of my favorite white stripe songs is called Black Math, which I also taught on the guitar control channel. Make sure to click the link and don’t forget to subscribe.

If you want more cool white stripe stuff, definitely check our videos. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Hit us up in the comment section. Thank you so much for checking it out.

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