How To Play “Shape Of You” By Ed Sheeran | Now With Easy Chords And Video

If you are looking for a beginner pop song to learn on your guitar then you are in the right place. Check out How To Play “Shape of You” By Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson On Easy Pop Songs For Beginners. Ed Sheeran is a modern pop icon and with songs like this it’s no wonder. Guitar Control instructor Matias Rengel does a great job with step by step video instruction and with the free tabs, just click the link, you will be jamming this modern melody in record time.

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Hey this is Matias Rengal with Guitar Control and today we’re learning this really cool song by Ed Sheeran called Shape Of You. As usual don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily guitar lessons and remember to click on the link in the description to get the tab. Also if you have an acoustic guitar you can play along with this song because this song actually probably may sound better on an acoustic guitar but right now I’m going to be showing to you in an electric guitar, but yeah let’s get down to it.

Shape Of You Overview

So the first thing that we’re going to do, we’re going to be learning to do two different ways of playing this song. The first way is going to be kind of like doing like the main melody that goes something like that… and we’re gonna learn how to play it with chords at the same time and then we’re also going to learn how to play chords without the melody at all and we’re going to learn how to play it in a very simple way so you can use your capo or if you want or something like that right. And don’t have to worry about complicated shapes or anything like that.

The Melody

So let’s start with the melody. I think the first thing that you should do is memorize the melody by heart, learn how to sing the melody, don’t worry about the guitar, just sing it, if you know it you can sing the melody, it’s going to be way easier for you to play it because it’s gonna come naturally to you, you’re not gonna have to be guess, you know what not to do. So having that in mind, learning that melody now we’re going to learn how to play it here and then we’re gonna start with this chord. This is going to be a C sharp minor… but we’re not gonna play it all the way through. We’re gonna start just by playing the basic stuff, but sometimes I’m going to make you play the actual chord. So let’s play a very easy version for it.


So we’re going to place your index finger on the fourth fret of the fifth string, ring finger on the sixth fret of the third string, middle finger on this fifth fret of a 2nd string… You have those three notes and don’t play anything else, just those three and we’re gonna go there… So what you’re gonna do now that you have those three notes you’re going to play either with a pick or with your fingers, I like to use my pick and my index finger on this hand for low notes, like bass notes, and then I use these three fingers for the rest of the notes, but I suggest that you use your thumb for the low notes.

But anyway, so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna play the fifth and the third string at the same time and after that you’re gonna play the second string and once again the third, but now the rhythm is going to be more like that… This is why I told you if you know the melody it’s going to be easier.

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