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Check out this free guitar lesson from Guitar Control instructor Darrin Goodman on how to play Hey Soul Sister by Train. Be sure to get the free tabs for this lesson.

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Hey, everybody, how’s it going? This Darrin Goodman from guitarcontrol.com bringing you this video lesson. Today, I want to teach you How To Play “Hey, Soul Sister” By Train – Easy Pop/Rock Guitar Song Lesson. It’s a fairly simple song, just a few chords. A great song for a beginner. For this, we are using capo on the fourth fret, so all of the chords, the way I’m telling you how to play them, will be in reference to the capo being on the fourth fret. Be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs, and let’s get close up, and take a look at what we’ve got going on here.

Hey Soul Sister Chords

All right, so first let’s take a look at the chords that we’ve got here. First we have C. I’m on the third fret of the fifth string, and again this is in reference to the capo being on the fourth fret. We’re on the third fret of the fifth string with your third finger. Second fret of the fourth string with your second finger. Third string is open, first fret of the second string with your first finger, and first string is open. That’s a C. Then we have G. Third fret of the sixth string with your second finger, second fret of the fifth string with your first finger, strings four and three are open, and third fret of the second string with your third finger, third fret of the first string with your fourth finger. Then we have A minor. A minor, if you just take the C chord that we just did, and you just take your third finger, and you move it from the fifth string to the second fret of the third string. And then we have F.

So, you’re going to take your first finger, and you’re going to bar it across the first and second strings on the first fret, and then your second finger will be on the second fret of the third string, and your third finger will be on the fourth fret of the fourth string. Then in a minute here in the chorus, we’re going to do another version of G. We’re just going to take to this F chord, and we’re just going to move it up a whole step, so now you’re barring at the third fret. Your second finger is on the fourth fret, and your third finger is on the fifth fret.

Hey Soul Sister Verse

All right, so the song basically has two parts. It’s an intro, and it’s also the verse, and it’s also like the pre-verse, when the song recycles. We start off, we’ve got that C. The first thing you’re going to do is you’re just going to pick just the fifth string. So, you’ve got that? You pick the fifth string, just that single note, and then a downstroke. Up, down, up. This is basically the strum that it uses for all of this part. For the first measure, we’re on C.

You just do that sequence twice. To G. So, when we go to G, we’re going to do the same thing, but now we’re going to pick the sixth string, then to A minor, so back to the fifth string again, and then F, and now the fourth string is the single note. Then that just repeats. The entire intro and verse part. We’ve got.

Hey Soul Sister Chorus

Right, so now let’s take a look at the chorus. So, for the chorus, we start off with F, and the strumming is different now. We’ve got down, up, down, up, down, up, down. That’s the first measure. Then starting on the second measure, we start with … We’re still on F, and we strum three times. Down, up, down, and then we’re going to slide up a whole step, so this is that other voicing of G that I was talking about. Then we’ve got this muted little percussive muted thing here. That second measure.

Then we’ve got this muted percussive thing, so what you do is you just, where you’re fretting this, the chord here, you’re just going to release the pressure, so when you strum the strings, you get that percussive sound. You don’t want to let off too much, where you can hear like getting any kind of a harmonic. You just want … There’s the chord. You slightly release the pressure, so you get that kind of percussive sound. So, to a C. The same thing again, the two mute.

Now, when I’m doing this, doing it with C, I just take my third finger, and just lay it across the strings to that same muted sound. Now we go to G, but it’s this G up here. Two mutes, and then it just repeats. So, that’s the first two measures of the chorus, and then it just repeats. So, that repeats three times, and then so after you’ve repeated that three times, and you go onto measure seven, and we’re back on F, it’s the same strum. Then we move up for that G, and then that’s the end of it, and then it would just … The song goes like intro, verse, chorus, intro, verse, chorus, intro, I believe. It’s something like that. There could be an extra verse and chorus in there. I can’t remember, but it’s really, really easy, once you have these parts, just to follow along with the song. That whole chorus part again. And then right back in just like that.


All right, so like I said, it’s a fairly easy song. This might be just a little bit more of a borderline intermediate song than for a total beginner, but it’s still something you could play fairly quick. Even if you are really new, is just work on the song. Get the chord voicings down, work on the strum, and just play it at a slower tempo, if you need to, so you’re like, you know. It still sounds good even if you’re playing it slow. If you like this lesson, give me a thumbs up, leave me a comment down below and thanks for watching How To Play Hey Soul Sister By Train.

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