How to Create A Sweet Exotic Chord on Guitar

Hi Friend,

Here’s a sweet little exotic chord
that you can use to create a little
bit of a different sound.

It’s called the “Sus 4-3”.

For all you theory nerds out there,
(yes I’m one of them he he ), a major
chord contains a major third, and
a “normal” sus chord contains the fourth.
So this chord has both!

That’s what gives it its unusual,
exotic flavor.

If you can play a regular Dom7 barre
chord, with the root on the low E
string, then its easy… just move your ring finger
up 1 string.

So, for example Asus4-3:


Barre all the strings with your index finger,
and then your ring finger would be on the D string
7th fret, and your middle finger would be
on the G string, 6th fret.

Try playing a simple progression like
Gsus4-3 to Asus4-3.

Also try just playing the lowest 4 strings
to really capture the sound.

You can also combine it with other major
and minor chords… Dominant chords, 7

Experiment, and have fun!

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Claude Johnson

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