Learn How To Play Guitar Songs With Shredding

For the aspiring guitarist who’s also a huge metalhead, you’re probably looking for songs to shred to, or songs that will help you learn to shred better. Below, we’re listing a few good guitar songs with serious shredding to help you out. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Keep in mind the list gets progressively more difficult, and the final two tracks aren’t for the faint of heart. “One” by MetallicaOne” is a good starting point for getting into shredding, but if you find it too difficult, you might want to try an easier Metallica song first to get a hang of the style, such as “Enter Sandman.” To play the solo in “One,” you’ll definitely need to have your speed up to par because it’s a fast song, though it uses many repeating patterns that make it a good song to begin with. Tapping_Pattern_One.png “Hangar 18” by Megadeth “Hangar 18” is full of guitar solos for the second half of the song, and the solos alternate between Dave Mustaine (characterized by a muddier style of playing) and Marty Friedman (cleaner). Though both guitarists are sick, Friedman is the one to watch out for, and his solos will require accuracy. These solos are a step up from the solo in “One,” so if you already have that one down, this is a good song to try next. “Bodom Beach Terror” by Children of Bodom Children of Bodom is a Finnish melodic death metal band, and lead guitarist and frontman Alexi Laiho is truly a shredding genius. The solo in “Bodom Beach Terror” will be a real challenge for any guitarist, so attempt at your own risk. To give you an extra hint at its complexity, just know that Laiho is highly influenced by self-proclaimed guitar god, Yngwie Malmsteen. “Demon Driver” by Yngwie Malmsteen Whether you love him or hate him, Yngwie Malmsteen is known throughout the guitar world for his shredding abilities. If you truly want to shred, you will have to at least check out a few of his songs, and “Demon Driver” is a good song to begin with. To play his solos requires a ton of speed and mastery of picking techniques, so come prepared. Check out this lesson on another cool YNGWIE´S LICK These are all good guitar songs for metalheads who’d like to shred, but don’t stop here. There are tons of other great guitarists who have landed killer solos, such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and Joe Satriani, who actually taught Kirk Hammett from Metallica a few things. They’re also worth a listen. If playing lead guitar is your goal, I recommend you to check out one of our: BEST SELLING LEAD GUITAR COURSE

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