is shred dead?

Hi Friend, Is shred guitar dead? I don’t know… What I do know is that… every kid on youtube thinks he can shred. But I think that people sometimes forget the simple fact that music is supposed to SOUND good… What I do know is… that I just got reminded of the wisest guitar wisdom I’ve ever heard in my life. Take 2 minutes to see what I’m talking about: VIDEO LESSON: KILLING IT WITH JUST A FEW NOTES IMPORTANT REMINDERS: 1. Mark Karan’s Secrets Of The Jam-Masters is coming out THIS WEDNESDAY at 3 pm eastern 2 pm central 1 pm mountain noon pacific 2. AMAZING SPECIAL BONUSES: A) First 3 buyers win a SPEAR GUITAR. These guitars are worth over $500. They look super cool and sound amazing. B) The first 10 buyers get free Rokstark package including: 3 sets of Rokstark strings and 1 Rokstark cable. 3) WIN A $18,000 GUITAR The first 100 buyers will win raffle tickets to win a Bob Weir autographed guitar. The last one that was sold at auction in San Francisco sold for $18,000. The earlier you buy the more tickets you win. If you’re the first buyer you get 100 tickets. If you’re the 100th buyer, you get 1 ticket. We’re trying to keep things as fair as possible due to the value of this guitar. Don’t miss out… What’s great about this DVD series is… You don’t need “monster chops” or “shred skills”. Rock on, Claude J. P.S. If you’re ready to pull out a shotgun and come hunt me down for asking “is shred dead?” — you might want to check this out: FRETBOARD INTENSIVE TRAINING P.P.S. I wouldn’t go so far as to say shred is dead, but melody is definitely the most important thing. Learn 50, 75, or even 125 of your favorite songs now Jimmy Dillon Summer Sale on DVDs Get some Epic Rhythm Guitar Power The ultimate guitar course for beginners who want to play their favorite songs fast. Rule the neck fast with the 3 killer guitar control secrets. Fretboard Intensive Training (FIT) Russian nervous system technology triples the speed of your chop building. Learn the 4 big blues secrets and sound like a seasoned blues veteran in a few fun hours. The best selling acoustic guitar course of 2010 and 2011. Add a whole new dimension of tasty guitar chops to your arsenal. Learn all the greatest jazz standards of all times. GO HERE FOR ALL COURSES Need help? Visit us at

Lessons on Shred Guitar

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