How To Play Without Me By Halsey

Matias Rengel is back again, this time with How To Play Without Me By Halsey. Step by step video instruction and free tabs make this an easy upgrade to your playing.

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Hey this is Matias Rengel with Guitar Control and today you’re gonna be learning this really cool song by Halsey called Without Me. It has a really awesome arpeggio that I think is going to be very useful and really fun to play. As usual don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily guitar lessons and there’s a link in the description to get the tab. Let’s get down to it.

Without Me By Halsey

Alright so the first thing that we should check out for How To Play Without Me By Halsey is the progression that’s happening. Now keep in mind that this is the original way to play it. I know that sometimes people would like to put a capo here and there to make it easier, but this one you can play straight up with the song. So for this one we’re going to have a few chords so let’s lay down the basics and then we’re going to go into these specific shapes. Okay so the actual first chord that is happening is an Ebm7… then after that we go into an F major, of course this is not the shape, but we’re going to get into that in a second. So here we’re going to a C# and then from there we go into a G#m… Now stay with me because at the end I’m going to show you a very easy way to play this on an acoustic guitar and it’s going to be mostly open chords; so it’s going to be very easy. So back to the original one we’re going to start on this chord I’m going to show you, you’re gonna place your index finger on the 6th fret across all of the strings and then you’re gonna grab your index finger you’re gonna place it on the eighth fret of the fourth string and your middle finger on the seventh fret of the second string. After that you have your Ebm7, what you want to play with your fingers or with a pick, whatever you prefer, you’re going to play all the notes starting from the fifth to the first strings; so you’re gonna go five four three two. The way that I like to play it with the fingers; I like to play the thumb the fifth then I put it by bringing down ample force, but you can do it in any way, you know I mean if you prefer doing it with your four fingers, I find it a little bit hard, but anyway so that’s the first chord. Right after that we’re going to grab your ring finger and put it on the 9th fret of the fifth string and the index finger is gonna go onto the third string only and then with your pinky you’re gonna to the ninth fret; if this is too hard for you, you can just skip the third string and just play five the fifth string and the second string. Right after that you’re going to go to the fourth fret with your index on the fifth string and you’re going to play A major, for that it’s going to be the same as your regular A.


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