easy guitar tabs for kids

Welcome back! Today I wanna share with you some easy guitar tabs. This song is so simple to
play that it could be labeled as easy guitar tabs for kids.

When you are looking for beginner’s songs, you definitely wanna look into tabs that are written
for the lower frets of a guitar. By lower frets I basically mean anything up until 4th and maybe
5th fret. The most important is that it should include open strings as part of the arrangement. For
beginners, open strings are the safe zone; when they get to play it feels like a rest and a
moment of empowering because yeah, everyone can play an open string so it makes you feel
like you are actually improving, which you are.

The song I wanna share with you was a massive hit in the 80’s and I have adapted it so any
beginner can play it. It has open strings, it’s mostly played on the first 3 frets and even the chord
progression is extremely simple. The song I am talking about is The Final Countdown by
Europe. This song is probably one of the most popular compositions ever recorded in history; it
is definitely in the top 100. You can play this tab with distortion or clean sound. Enough talking,
here it is:


You as a beginner are allowed to use all downstrokes, but you could also (if you are brave
enough) try alternate picking, changing between up and down strokes.

So for the chord progression is basically all power chords. The original rhythm is a bit more
complicated but this rhythm I have prepared for you will definitely do for now. You can play this
rhythm with an open sound or with a palm muting technique, by place the outer side of your
picking hand near the bridge. Here it is:


This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our the entire database of videos here:


Lesson on Easy Beginner Guitar

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