Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs with Tabs for Beginners

Acoustic guitar playing is one of the purest forms of guitar playing. With an electric guitar, you have volume and guitar effects that can help process what you play or give it a different sound. With an acoustic, there’s nothing to come between you and what you play. For this reason, a lot of beginning guitar players find it more difficult to play acoustic guitar. I know guitar teachers who insist on teaching their students on acoustic guitar first, with the belief that if you can play it on acoustic well, then you can kill it on the electric guitar. A lot of songwriters believe if a song doesn’t sound good on acoustic guitar before you get it in the studio with a full band, then it isn’t a good song.


There are a lot of easy guitar tabs for beginners, acoustic style that sound great when played alone, sitting in your room or studio. Some of my favorite acoustic guitar songs are by the Eagles, Bob Seger, Jackson Browne, America, and some of the contemporary country artists like Blake Shelton and Toby Keith. The example here, “Against the Wind”, is an easy song to play and sounds great on acoustic guitar.

As you can see, this is a pretty simple strum pattern using basic chords. Most easy guitar tabs for beginners, acoustic style material looks like this. Easy acoustic songs are typically structured using simple chords and easy strum patterns. In the case of the above example, there are some piano runs that really give the song extra flavor. You can add these if you want, but if you’re singing along while you play, chances are the song is going to sound pretty complete sounding anyway. You can also use the vocal melody to build a couple of licks or fills.


A lot of acoustic guitar songs aren’t even fully tabbed out. The song “Take It Easy”, performed by Jackson Browne and the Eagles, isn’t strictly an acoustic song, but it sounds great on acoustic guitar and is regularly performed as an acoustic version. While this examples shows easy tab for the song, you could just easily play an arrangement by singing and playing the chords. Easy acoustic songs are almost always recognizable just by strumming the chords and singing the words. Try singing this one and singing along. You’ll hear what I’m talking about.

Easy guitar tabs for beginners, acoustic guitar style, are abundant. Do a quick search online or visit our You Tube Channel for all the easy acoustic arrangements you can handle.

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