200 Easy to Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs To Play Now

Playing guitar is one of the most popular instruments for this reason: you can be in separate worlds depending on what you like to play. You can swallow yourself in heavy lyrics and rhythms with the electric guitar, or soothe yourself with beautiful melodies with the acoustic guitar. Lets look into the Best Acoustic Guitar Songs.

This is Joshua Olivieri, and today we’re going to explore more about the acoustic guitar. The acoustic is my favorite type of guitar. I was always a man that enjoyed swaying with the mesmerizing tones of the strings being carefully plucked. As a fine player and lover of this instrument, I have encountered many songs that make fantastic use of it. So for all of you, I’d like to share some of the best acoustic guitar songs.

Passenger- Let Her Go


This indie song has a casual but heartfelt tone to it. What everybody remembers however, is that whimsical guitar riff at the beginning of it. It gives the listener a sort of starstruck feeling. It’s the solemn cry of a man who has lost one that he loved, and you can feel in through every note.

Ed Sheeran- The A Team
Now don’t get this confused with the action-packed television show starring Mr. T. This is another slower song by the talented Ed Sheeran. His use of a capo on the second fret and simple chords like G and C go a long way. No riffs or fingerstyle are really used for this piece, but it doesn’t need it. The delicate strumming is more than enough of a treat. I won’t tell you what the song is about, but you can look it up the music video on Youtube, but bring a box of tissues. You’ve been warned.

Bon Jovi- Wanted (Dead or Alive)
If you find a soul in this world who says they love the 80’s and they don’t know this song, then they’re lying. This is a rock ballad about a man who travels by himself with his six string in hand.
Speaking of six strings, this song makes excellent use of the guitar. It gives the entire track an outlaw feel, and makes you want to travel to the wild west yourself.

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