Country Guitar Lesson: Hybrid picking in the style of Banjo country players

Hey guys! In this guitar lesson, Jon MacLennan will teach you a cool basic country melodic pattern in the style of banjo players. Hope you like it!!!

How’s it going guys? This is John McClennan and I’m here today with, bringing you this video lesson. What I want to look at today is sort of a banjo role, kind of exercise. And for me, I played — you know, I went to jazz school and I didn’t have fingernails at all and just played with a pick, no finger style for a very long time. And then later, after I got out of college, I started getting into more finger-style stuff. So this was one of the things that helped me get going. So I’m hoping that it will help you as well. So let’s take a look here. Basically we’re going to start on a E chord and what I’m going to do is I’m going to play with my pick and I hold my pick between my thumb and my first finger and then I’m going to use my other fingers like this, sort of what they call hybrid picking, playing with a pick and the fingers. So one, two, three. Pick, finger, finger. And then that’s starting on the 6th string. And then I go and start on the 5th string. And then I start on the 4th string. And then I start on the 3rd string. So it sort of goes up like this. And then it’s going to descend like this, the same way. So again, in groups of three. You’re just trying to get an even sound. You can do that for a while on an E and then you can do it on any six string chord, like a G here. Just practice kind of just getting an even sound, maybe put on a metronome. Here’s a C. You can even do it on open strings. That’s it for this video. Basically it’s just a banjo rule. What you will want to do is click the link below for the tabs and we’ll catch you in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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