Dueling Banjos + 6 cool things this month

hi Friend, Wow, I have SO much stuff to tell you that it’s gonna be hard to fit it into 1 email, but non-stop action is just how we roll here at Guitar Control… First things first: The lesson of the day. Here’s another powerful lesson from Todd Butler, showing the famous “Dueling Banjos” and how you can play it on guitar. I love this stuff. DUELING BANJOS GUITAR LESSON His lessons are turning out to be very popular. In fact, last email I sent out caused him to have a server meltdown. I think its fixed now. Enjoy this 12 minute lesson, and feel free to check out his other pages and grab his course. Ok, so what’s coming the rest of the month? This is exciting: We are releasing our first ever REGGAE guitar course. Yes, we’ve had some lessons here and there, Jimmy Dillon has shown bits and pieces… But we’ve never had a full-on Reagge Riddim ting… But I happen to meet a guitarist who is actually one of the progenitors of Reggae Rhythm Guitar. (that’s a fancy word meaning he was there from day 1)…Yes this guy played with Peter Tosh, was a teacher to Ziggy Marley and even was on tour with Bob Marley. So I said one of my favorite phrases: “we’ve got to film you!” And we did 🙂 As always, I’ll be giving some sweet sample videos so you can enjoy the vibes even if you’re just reading my emails for the freebies. Of course, if you love guitar or reggae, you’ll definitely want to get the DVD and tabs for yourself. Other stuff… We’ve filmed some lessons with a HOT new female instructor. And when I say hot, I don’t just mean she’s gorgeous… Her guitar skills are amazing. That’s actually coming next email. And there will be other nice lessons too throughout the month. Also, speaking of hot, we’re running 3 scorching promos this month to get you some amazing DVDs at rock bottom prices. May 7th-11th is the “Ultimate Shred” package, which will include 4 of our most killer lead guitar DVD courses for the intermediate to advanced guitarist. The price will be unbelievably low, but only if you order before the 11th. I’ll announce that next email too. May 13-19th, we’re offering the “Sol Philcox Super Pack” that comes with all of Sol’s DVDs: Wicked Chicken Pickin Chops 101 Wicked Chicken Pickin Licks Blues Master Class Vol 1 & 2 Acoustic Guitar Toolkit Vol 1 & 2. Again, it will be an amazing hot discount price. May 21th-25th, we’re relaunching Classical Guitar Secrets. So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn some of the most beautiful music ever on the guitar with easy-to-read tabs, and save big money, this is your chance. And then finally, on the 29th, we’re releasing “Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets”, with a pretty amazing offer that I’ve never done before, for a new product. OHHH… i almost forget, sometime this month I’ll be starting to drop hints about my latest spoof film (NOT Claustin Powers)… Something else…something different and new. Hopefully entertaining. Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to check out today’s lesson DUELING BANJOS GUITAR LESSON And stay tuned to your email. Claude Johnson Latest course: Modern Acoustic Guitar Other courses: Learn Blues Magic from the King of the Blues Learn 50, 75, or even 125 of your favorite songs now Jimmy Dillon Summer Sale on DVDs Get some Epic Rhythm Guitar Power The ultimate guitar course for beginners who want to play their favorite songs fast. https://www.ultimatebeginnerguitar.com/main.php Rule the neck fast with the 3 killer guitar control secrets. https://guitarcontrol.com/main.php Fretboard Intensive Training (FIT) Russian nervous system technology triples the speed of your chop building. https://www.guitarscalesystem.com/main.php Learn the 4 big blues secrets and sound like a seasoned blues veteran in a few fun hours. https://www.bluesmasterclass.com/main.php The best selling acoustic guitar course of 2010 and 2011. https://www.soulofacousticguitar.com/main.php Add a whole new dimension of tasty guitar chops to your arsenal. https://www.chickenpickinchops.com/main.php Learn all the greatest jazz standards of all times. https://www.realeasyjazz.com/main.php GO HERE FOR ALL COURSES Need help? Visit us at https://www.guitarcontrolhelp.com

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