How To Play Country Guitar Lick On Major Triad

Hey, how’s it going this is Morgan Wick with Guitar Control, I’ve got a cool country lick to show you today that involve some hybrid picking some double stops and some chromaticism.


Let’s take a look at it, so this lick is over an E major chord essentially what we’re going to be doing is going between playing an E major triad and the Triad a whole step down a D major triad really cool sound over E major chord. So we’re going to start here with this shape at the 6th fret of the D-string 4th fret of the G-string 5th fret of the B-string it’s a check of our E major arpeggio we’re going to shift up to 7th fret on the D-string, G-string and B-string take that up chromatically into this shape 12th fret on the D-string, 11th fret on the G-string, 10th fret on the B-string slide that in a chromatic way so that’s A major, D major, chromatic back to E major, D major, chromatic back to E major.

So even that in itself is pretty cool what we’re doing is we have a little bit of a lick in here so we’re taking these shapes as our base and kind of doing a few hammer-on and pull-offs in there to make it sound more like a lick so we start with this pattern we use our middle and ring finger to pick the two higher strings with our pick here pick the D-string pull it off hammer back on the key here is to keep these notes ringing as much as possible and give it a little bit of a pull that sort of chicken picking with your fingers spanky sound.

So that shape move to this shape we borrow it with the third finger pick the top two strings just like we did before pick they’re pulled off the 5th fret and back to the center so we’re going to take that idea when we move chromatically just move the whole lick chromatically, so far we’ve got this then continue that up again in this shape here we’re going to bar the first finger so we can go one more with all the notes played at the same time on that last chord so the whole thing slowly looks like this you notice that some of the notes kind of ring together and it’s a little bit hard at this speed it doesn’t really sound very good until you play it faster that’s the lick.

I hope you enjoyed it you can check out the tabs below I’ve tabbed that the fingerings for the right hand so you know which fingers to use when you’re hybrid picking if you like this lesson remember to subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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