How to Play Island In The Sun | Easy Acoustic Guitar Song

When starting out the guitar, it is important to look for Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners. The reason I suggest acoustic is because it is far better to start on one rather than an electric guitar. The reason for this is that it will train your finger due to the higher tension in the strings, and you will able to play anywhere anytime without the need for an amp. Also many people advise that it is best to start the electric guitar after some headway is made on acoustic guitar. With an amplified sound, no mistakes are hidden. So being new to an electric could easily deter you from continuing to learn. As a beginner, you want to focus on songs that feature easy-to-play open chords. The reason open chords are ideal for a beginner is because they require significantly less strength on your fretting hand. These open chords are A, C, D, E, and G. As well there are minor open chords which are also simple such as A minor, E minor and D minor. It is a very good idea to learn all of these chords as you can easily even create your own songs with them. Many popular songs are only made up of 3 chords, and some only 2 chords! As a way to get started, we will be looking at an easy acoustic song that touches on the above chords. The song will be the main riff from ‘Island in the Sun’ by Weezer. This main riff is made up of 4 chords: Em, Am, D, and G. Here is how to play those chords.

Island In The Sun Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners

Once you are able to play each chord, the next step is to transition from one chord to the next. You want to keep doing this until there is no delay between chord changes. It may help to start with E Minor and A Minor. Once you are able to switch between those two chords smoothly, then add D Major. After those three can be transitioned with ease, add G Major. In terms of rhythm for this song, do two strums per chord. That is all you need to play the main riff of the song.

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners

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