Killer Lesson On An Easy 1-4-5 Blues In E

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Easy 1-4-5 Blues In E


Hey everybody how’s it going? This is Darrin with bringing you this video lesson. Today I want to show you how to play an easy blues in E. This one’s a little different than some of the other ones I’ve done before; some different chord voicing’s and stuff that we’ll be using in this. So be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look.

Blues Turnaround

All right so we’re going to be starting off with the turnaround. So for the turnaround for this, it’s little double stop turn around. So what I’m doing is I’m on the ninth fret of the D string and I’m using my second finger and I’m on the ninth fret of the B string with my third finger and then I’m just picking these strings together. So I’m just using my pick to play the D string in my second finger to play the B string at the same time. So we’re just going to do a slide from nowhere to that and do it three times… and then we just do the same thing again but we go down a half step, half step again and then the last one is different; so we’re nine, eight, seven and then on the D string we go to six, but on the B string we go to five, so I just switched my first finger, so… Then we’re gonna do the pickup notes here; so open A string to the first fret and then to the second fret and simultaneously drop to a B7. So for that B7 I’m on the second fret of the A string with my second finger, first fret of the D string with my first finger, second fret of the G string with my third finger and second fret of the high E with my first finger and the B string is just open; so that’s the little turn around.

Blues In E

All right and then from there we’re gonna slide up from nowhere up to the seventh fret of the low E and then hammer to nine and then to seven on the A string, so… then follow that with the open E. All right, so since this is in the key of E and it’s a 1-4-5 progression. So we’ve got our one chord, which is E, so we’re using this E9 chord here like the Hendrix chord. So I’m on the seventh fret of the A string with my second finger and the sixth through the sixth fret of the D string with my first finger, seventh fret of the G string with my third finger and seventh fret of the B string with my fourth finger… All right and then each time after we strum the chord we’re going to do it again, but it’s the same notes but it’s going to be different, so the first time we slide up to them and do a hammer-on… and then from there with your second finger reach up and grab the 7 on the low E and slide to nine and then pick up that seventh fret of the A string and then the open E… and then just do that nine… So you do that sequence four times and then at the end of it we do that so we do the pick seven slide to nine on the low E to the seven on the A string and then we follow that with the open A string because now we’re going to the four chord which would be an A in this case; we’re doing A7, but we’re going to do a different voicing. So what I’m doing here is you’re just going to take your first finger and just bar it across the first five strings at the fifth fret and put your second finger on the sixth fret of the G string… Now we’re gonna do that same riff that we did before but instead of being on the low E, seven slide to nine and then 7 on the A, we’re gonna do the same thing but on the A and the D strings; so seventh fret of the A string, slide to nine to the seventh fret of the D string and then the open A… then back to the one chord twice. Now we’re going to go to our five chord, which is B7… so we do those little pickup notes and then to D7 to the A7 and then that little riff and then the turn around again like we did at the beginning and then the whole thing would just repeat. All right, there at the end there I just messed up when I went to the A7. It should have gone back to the turnaround but I did it where it is on the A. Now if you end up doing that it’s not it’s not a huge deal. The notes are still in key, it just doesn’t lead it exactly the way you want it to. Anyway that’s basically all the parts. So what you could do with this to kind of make it your own is just to change up the rhythm a little bit. So on the chords I’m play like one and two, so you could change that rhythm up anyway you want just long as everything still lines up the way that it should.


All right so there you have it, another cool blues in E that you can put into your bag of tricks. This is a fun one that you can teach a friend and you can play together and take turns playing the rhythm and then improvise back and forth between the two of you or you can record it and play over it or use a looper, whatever you got. All right so I hope you enjoyed that and you got something out of it. If you like the lesson be sure to give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below if there’s something you’d like to see covered in a future lesson. If you have not already done so please subscribe to the channel and click that notification bell so that way you don’t miss any of the content that we upload throughout the week. So that is all I’ve got for you today. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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