Easy Way To Make A Jazzy Sound Using A Minor Pentatonic Link

Jazzy Minor Pentatonic Lick -- Lead Guitar Lesson


Hey, how’s it going everybody.
My name is John McClennan and here with
guitarcontrol.com, What I want to show
you today is a cool way to break-up your
pentatonic scale and get a little bit more,
almost a jazzier sounding line in a typical
rock motive. I got this from “Cliffs of Dover”,
Eric Johnson and it’s something that I will
move around and play in every key possible
on the guitar.

Here we’re going to start out with a very
typical staple in rock music, this lick.
By the way, I’m playing over a C minor
chord. I’m thinking just my basic position,
C minor pentatonic. Here we go.

Tenth fret bends up a whole step and then
I play 8, 8. So this is one of the most
overplayed rock cliches of all time.
And then what I’m going to do is a lot
of people will bend here, but it’s also
cool to bend on a high string as well.
So that’s the 11th fret, bend that up
and then back to the natural note, and
then to the 8th fret and then here I
bring in a note that’s not in the
pentatonic scale, but it’s giving, again,
I said the jazzier sound. It’s giving me
that minor 9. Real great lick. So this
will be 10th, 11th, 8th, 8th and then a
bend on the 11th up a whole step. You
can add the vibrato, just shake it a
little bit.

So here’s the whole lick slowly.
One more time, slowly. All three finger
style, by the way. I’m not using my
pinkie at all. So up to speed. You can
descend down whatever pentatonic.

All right, well, thanks for watching.
My name is John McClennan and be sure
to click the link below for the tab and
we’ll see you in the next video lesson.

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